All in aesthetics

Non-trends and novelty at FW 2019 

Before the fashion deities congregate and distill the trends from this seasons runway shows, I found a few looks that tip the scale in favor of novelty. After all, subtle surprises can be more impactful and subversive. These looks are not meant to administer shocks to the system, but rather to inspire, to appropriate as you will with the hope that there could still be life in them yet.

Very good statement sleeves

I confess that I haven’t taken to the statement sleeve in the same way that most designers have—that is with unfettered abandon and a zeal for an excessive amount of things happening between the area from the shoulder seam to the sleeve opening.  But personal preferences aside, statement sleeves do present an opportunity for striking design details. I’ve found this bevy to be among the most tasteful iterations.

Phantom Thread’s other worldly appeal

By taking a cue from this movie, we might give more thought to the details and standards by which we conduct our affairs and find ourselves uncompromising in where these convictions lead us.  We may in turn be surprised how our life might unfold when guided by a sense of what is beautiful and not, what is right and wrong, just and unjust.

Couture season is upon us and that's a good thing

Quite plainly couture is one of the few traditions of human craftsmanship that remains impossible to “hack” or otherwise “disrupt” by the tech industries insistence to migrate our lives from the analog world to that of the screen.  Ready to wear, by virtue of its accessibility experiences all of the volatility of the market, trends and the capriciousness of its consumers.  Vastly out of reach from all of this, couture remains largely untouched by market forces which would otherwise determine its fate.  The quality, merit and sophisticated design principles that are required in fashioning couture are worth our attention even if it its ends are ultimately non-utilitarian.

The banality of generalizations

We cannot glaze over these facts apathetically or else we risk it manifesting in our culture in other ways—in say, the tolerance for non-truths, in the numbing of our sophisticated sensibilities and in the dulling of our once keen sensitivities to the vagaries of reality.