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The surprisingly stylish transformation of athleisure

These new creatures of dress are transcending the bounds of gym attire straddling the line between work and play, weekend and weekday, business and leisure. Chino-like styles fabricated in stretch fabrics breathe new life into a familiar silhouette, challenging the properties and function of twill as we’ve always known it.  Pants with slits at the ankle and built up funnel necklines are surprisingly fresh details that have yet to really make a strong presence in American dress and therefore feel like we are wearing something entirely new.  

The problem with investment pieces

The investment piece is as much a political statement as it is an aesthetic choice, one rooted in quality and minimalism over garishness and disposability. And yet the very practical snag inherent in this line of thinking often manifests itself with a closet full of pieces that are no longer wearable for one reason or another.

A closet of one's own

Sometimes, we are enamored and taken by an object’s perfection on its own, such as a painting or photograph.  But clothing is different.  We are moved to adopt such pieces into our own closet when it synthesizes with us. Only when its color, cut, fabric and other various attributes harmonize in a way that reaffirms who we believe ourselves to be "on the inside", or how we want to be known "on the outside", are we moved to integrate it as apart of our permanent collection.

Fashion as reformation

On the other hand, the stuff of beauty and goodness is born from reason and calculation.  It is culture which refines our nature, shaping us into civilized, moral beings.  If nature is—to put it politely—the voice of our self-interest, culture (plus philosophy) can give guidance to how best to handle the moral dilemmas with which we are faced in life.  

But who are we really?

At some point, we have to confront ourselves: we have to choose a side; we have to define who we are. We are left with no choice but to construct an identity, just as we are left with no choice but to pull something out of the closet in the morning.  And importantly, we have to take it on, incorporate it in word and deed (or dress) right here in our real lives.