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Erdem’s eye on eyelet

It was a deviation from the usual array of digi printed floral midi dresses. I was indeed surprised to find a full throttle embrace of eyelet in SS20.  Not just in the usual prim and proper silhouettes we’ve come to know but in great, voluminous dresses, fit for a Victorian wake and in decorous trenches.  It makes one wonder if, enfin, this is the brand’s new face—and if it is indeed a step in the right direction.

A million reasons to love tights

Where would we be without tights when the sun sets at 4:30 P.M. and the temps drop? Surely, the answer is both poorly dressed and freezing, relegated to the likes of denim day in and day out— which isn’t necessarily an offense. But for those who seek a bit of variety, tights provide an economical diversion to what can otherwise be the winter doldrums.