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I liked Marianne Williamson’s outfit the least 

I suppose what I’m ultimately saying is that it’s hard not to think on Obama after witnessing such a debacle. He had all the right ingredients, assembled just so. No one accused him of being out of step with his time, for one. He had presence, he had style, charisma, could captivate millennials. One got the sense that he was for all Americans.  And this is an outfit that will never go out of style.  

On sleeves and social change: thoughts on the royal wedding

I warmed to my distaste of the dress, even watched it transform into a sort of fascination. I realized that the cause of my initial disappointment was rooted in increasingly petrified notions of pomp and circumstance, fairy tales, femininity, romance and glamour.  I am glad Markle rather shook us out of our comfort zones with such an austere choice.  It made the endeavor a very earthly, human affair rather than the inflated illusions of grandeur that royal weddings generally promote.  As Vanessa Friedman of The New York Times wrote, it was a dress for a person, not a princess.