Nina Ricci's girl of the early morning hours

n fall/winter 2016, as much as he made this woman a real possibility, at the same time, he fashioned something of an apparition. The resultant combination of ordinariness and ephemerality was striking. Even his inky grey/blue color palette—colors deriving from the earth itself—enshroud her in an other-worldly aura.

Fashion as reformation

On the other hand, the stuff of beauty and goodness is born from reason and calculation.  It is culture which refines our nature, shaping us into civilized, moral beings.  If nature is—to put it politely—the voice of our self-interest, culture (plus philosophy) can give guidance to how best to handle the moral dilemmas with which we are faced in life.  

But who are we really?

At some point, we have to confront ourselves: we have to choose a side; we have to define who we are. We are left with no choice but to construct an identity, just as we are left with no choice but to pull something out of the closet in the morning.  And importantly, we have to take it on, incorporate it in word and deed (or dress) right here in our real lives.